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Our Software Development Skills

The business of the 21st century is incomplete without an online presence with dedicated software to provide the necessary information to all clients. We digitalize your business and create software that is not just easy to use but also connected to your business progress. Give us a chance to make your business easier to access.


Just as the name implies, custom software is designed for a specific purpose.This software come in handy in serving as the business' voice in the congested market. In other words, custom software development is known as the act of designing software applications for a particular purpose for a specific user or group of users working in an organization. The aim of developing this software is to address the needs of different individuals in the organization as opposed to the more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software applications.

At Fixdax, we are well aware of the fact that a custom software improves the efficiency of the workers and also gives the workers a chance to access work tools within a short period. We have a team of experts which is ready to always attend to all your complaints or queries on all that is needed for a wonderful custom software development. Our several years of experience in the market has given us the chance to study real market situations and to draw valid conclusions on all our findings to help us create the best software for your business.

By engaging our services, you enjoy the following:

  • 1Discovery and design of a custom software application
  • 2UI/UX design for easy access
  • 3Custom software development and testing
  • 4Professional consultation services


Getting the right software for all your business endeavors can be very tasking. It takes only someone who is familiar with the terrain to be able to create the right software or provide the needed guidance on the best ways such software applications can help the business grow. Fixdax presents one of the best team of technical and website engineers in the creation of toprated, easy to use, easy to navigate websites and create an avenue where the concerned parties can easily interact with each other. with our software consultation services, we assure you of the best service description you have had in years. We don't just speak about software applications and how they assist your business, we also go as far as pouring out our several years of experience into the process.

Our team of software experts is ready to approach all your questions with topmost professionalism and to give you an experience of a lifetime. We are open for business round the clock and will love to assist you. By engaging our software consolation services, you stand to enjoy the following:

  • 1Professional counsel into how best to create software that improves productivity.
  • 2Teaching you and your workforce the act of using the software to enhance daily output.


Fixdax specializes in the creation of web portals dedicated to every part of your business. We have a team of experts which is skilled in building custom web portals for Auctions, Marketplaces, Media & Entertainment, News & Broadcasting, Real Estate, Social Networks & Communities. Our rich experience in the aspect creating web-based portals has come in handy in assisting us to understand just what the client needs and how best to create a platform that gets the job done in no time. With an extensive list of completed tasks, we have been able to provide the best solution aimed at challenging the stringent market requirements while making sure your business enjoys the best kind of publicity it deserves..

Our team of experts are well trained and have been in the market long enough to understand how it works and to create the best solutions for business.

Our web portal services specialize in the creation of the following:

  • 1E-commerce solutions
  • 2Content management services
  • 3Social media networking
  • 4Electronic payments
  • 5Digital media consultation
  • 6Consultation services

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