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Web Development

Our Web Development Skills

Your website is your image in the digital world. It provides the customer with the needed
information concerning your business and how best to engage your services. A good
website does not just get the word out but also bring the customer in. It sells the product
and informs the customer of your latest move.

Website Design & Development

The role of a nicely designed website in this digital era cannot be overemphasized. It creates the best avenue for all business to thrive on a neutral ground where they get equal opportunities to attract the customer. With our web design and development services, you gain access to a wide range of responsive websites which are easy to navigate and also highly informative. We take note of the little information you make available to us in order to create the best site that suits your business ideas and goals. With our team of web designers, developers, strategists, and project managers, we work as a team to assist you with your business objectives.

Our web design and development services include but are not limited to:

  • 1Corporate Website Design
  • 2Forum Development
  • 3Responsive Web Design
  • 4Mobile Web Design
  • 5Content Management Syatem
  • 6Website Redesigning
  • 7Blog Design

E-Commerce Solution

Work with one of our experts to create the best e-commerce website which can sell the product. With our product oriented and customer based e-commerce solutions, we take charge of all your e-commerce challenges and bring the power of the internet into your marketplace. Our e-commerce solutions range from the creation of e-commerce websites to SEO activities which increase your visibility and market relevance. With our SEO services, we place you and your products where it matters the most. Create the best e-commerce solutions by engaging the services of our highly professional team members who have been trained to handle all your challenges. We manage your online store and your shopping cart to bring in the sales at an affordable rate. We also handle your customer support system which makes your customers as comfortable as possible.

At Fixdax, by engaging our e-commerce solutions, you stand to enjoy the following:

Benefits of E-Commerce Solution Development

  • 1Online store management
  • 2Creation of a responsive e-commerce website
  • 324/7 customer support system
  • 4E-commerce SEO tools and management

Web Maintenance

We are well aware of the fact that your website may be well attractive, perhaps optimized and for search engine purposes. While all these are necessities for good online experience for all your visitors, we have come to understand that managing your online reputation and presence can be a tedious task. There is absolutely no need to think about how to maintain youronline reputation when we can get it done for you and give you more chance to focus on improving your business while we take care of your online presence and reputation.

We have been able to increase the overall exposure of our clients by attracting new customers while keeping the old ones as engaged as possible. Giving us a chance to handle your web maintenance will help us to increase our level of client-satisfaction and boost our production. Our web maintenance services can:

  • 1Ensure that your website evolves with the ever-changing demands which make web management practically impossible.
  • 2Provision of access to a wide range of online help-desk which can send updates by allowing a member of our team to handle any form of changes at a high-speed.
  • 3We offer you web updates that meet your business goals and site needs regarding content and overall your site improvements through products and services updates and services upgrade.

Custom Programming

With our Custom programming services, we bring to bear, a functionality which relies on the power of programming and coding languages like JQUERY, PHP, or JavaScript. These languages come with a complex logic and syntax which may not be easy for people to understand hence the reason we provide this service to improve your level of operations. Our team of professionals is versed in all programming languages and is ready to assist you in the best way possible with all your custom programming needs. Fixdax takes care of all your custom programming needs which can be utilized in displaying pictures and images that attract the right customers and get the job done in no time. By engaging our custom programming services, you stand to enjoy the following:

Benefits of Custom Programming Development

  • 1Importation of Data from spreadsheets and other sources for display on your website
  • 2Sending data from your website to your accounting program, supplier or warehouses
  • 3Writing and creation of custom programming for processing of data
  • 4Integration of third-party services and other product interactive elements on special processing, calculations, and web pages

UI & UX Services

It has always been in our missions to create not just a highly responsive web solution but also bring about a user-friendly and easy to navigate websolutions. With our UI and UX services, we are ready to bring an intuitive solution to all our customers. We believe improving customer and user experience is one of the most critical tasks for our UX/UI development team whenever software or apps are being created. Our team of highly skilled professionals and creative UI/UX development experts has been in operation for several years. This proven wealth of knowledge and experience in web application development will come in handy in assisting you to create applications that are easy to navigate and customer oriented. Let's just say we know precisely how end-users interact with apps and how we can leverage on this information in the creation of an easy-to-use user interface which will improve the experience of your target clients.

By engaging our UI/UX services, you stand a chance to enjoy:

  • 1A comprehensive research and the collection of data about all end- users, how they interact with apps and their needs before creating an app.
  • 2Creation of highly effective and robust solutions which are based on analytical data and our several years of experience in the market.

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